Water Heaters

There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot shower. If your hot water tap produces lukewarm or cold water, you need to call an experienced plumber to avoid those painfully cold showers. In April 2015, Energy efficiency standards for storage type water heaters rose by .03 percent. With the enactment of these changes, the value of replacing water heaters has risen exponentially.  A proactive decision to replace a 10 year old tank could avert a serious flooding situation.

Water Heater Flush

Flushing the scale buildup from within a water heater adds life to that tank. The occasional use of the drain cock assures this important appurtenance works going forward. During a tank flush, I perform an indebt inspection of pipe connections, valves and tank weld outlets. Any unbeknown problems can be brought to your attention.

Water Heater Service

  • Water To Hot or Cold
  • Pressure Relief Valve Spews
  • Water Turns Cold Prematurely
  • Tank Flushes

Home Improvement Store water heaters are of a lesser grade than those sold by the Professional Plumber Industry. Their heaters are also adorned with this disclaimer. If professional installation is not in your cards, make sure your choice in appliances is the best possible.