• Emergency Response Available
  • Underground, Concealed or Within Crawlspaces
  • Manufactured housing O.K.
  • Water Pipes, Drains & Faucets

Do you suspect a water leak somewhere in your home? My experience; the customers intuition is usually correct. Please call me before that innocuous drip becomes something more problematic.

the water meter in your yard has an indicator which turns as water is used. During times of water use inactivity, this dial should remain stationary. My friends with private wells have an indicator, aka a water gauge.

Leaky Faucets

The constant drip of a faucet can drive you mad. Gullett Plumbing can help add more years to your existing faucet.  I have spent my career learning the methods and acquiring the tooling for such a task. Sometime the way forward is a new faucet. Ceramic disc faucets are the newest arrival in the plumbing industry. Ceramic cartridges incorporate a more durable technology.  Unlike rubber washers and metal seats, ceramic seals are impervious to minerals within the water. Extremely hot water has no effect on the diamond like hardness of ceramics.  Quarter turn handles throttle between closed and fully open. The effort to temper water is more precise with less motion.  This may be the last faucet you ever buy. A quality faucet that lasts long term adds value to replacing that leaky faucet.