Potty Upgrade

If your toilet seems lacking, consider a Potty upgrade from Gullett Plumbing Inc. I have insider knowledge that can help you make the best choice.

#1 Better flush. I know the ins and outs of high efficiency.  An oversize waterway, a polished pathway out, plus a siphon jet to start movement, make for a forceful flush.

#2 Comfort height.  When offered a choice, my clients prefer a taller fixture. This allows for an easier egress off the throne. Adults and mobility challenged people appreciate higher.

#3 Clean and Sanitary. Say good bye to those hard water stains and dirt crevasses. New porcelain is shiny clean. New is a great source of pride.

#4 Serviceability.  My toilets employ an oversize flapper as the flushing mechanism. Basic by design. This renewable seal is readily available. No hard-to-find proprietary parts or special skills required to install.