If the toilet in your house has become a liability, there is no better time to upgrade than today. I have lived the toilet experience for thirty years. My valued customers have confidence in my choosing the best commodes.

Fluidmaster 540 flapper

Serviceability.  My toilets employ an oversize 3″ flapper as the flushing mechanism. Basic by design. This renewable seal is readily available. You won’t have to search for proprietary replacement parts. No special skills required to install.  

  • Clean and Sanitary. Say good bye to those hard water stains and dirt crevasses. New porcelain is shiny clean. New is a great source of pride.

Comfort height.  My toilets sit taller. This allows for an easier egress on and off. Adults, elders and mobility challenged people appreciate a higher commode.

Better flush. The foremost consideration to choosing any toilet is flush.  An oversize waterway, a polished exit path out, and a siphon jet action makes for a forceful flushing action.

My choice in toilets utilizes the mandated 1.6 gallons per flush. To use 3.5 gallons per flush is simply wasteful, A 1.28 ultra water saver toilet takes conservation past a proven limit..