About Us

The seeds for Gullett Plumbing Inc. were sown in January of 1979. The United States Air Force was my avenue of escape. Plumbing was my chosen profession.  After trade technical school, the next four years were spent turning pipe wrenches in the service of Uncle Sam. I left my military career behind with a honorable discharge.   About this time, I married my current wife Julia.  My fidgety nature, and a supportive spouse prompted a bold move. On February 28,1991 the articles of incorporation were signed, Gullett Plumbing Inc. was founded.  A North Carolina unlimited plumbing license was awarded after proof of my abilities.

Among plumbers, there are two distinct avenues for opportunity. Most licensed plumbers prefer the glamour of new construction. Fewer of us, choose a life in public service. Residential repairs and replacements best describe my areas of expertise. Water related problems are a common occurrence, easily remedied by the man with specialized experience. I also understand your situation can’t change without my immediate response. If you are in need of a plumber, please consider Gullett Plumbing Inc.